Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LavaCon 2010

I will be presenting two sessions at this year's LavaCon conference in San Diego from Sept 29 to Oct 2nd.

The new generation of customers and technical communicators look at information design and collaboration in a totally new way. The book paradigm and things like Tables of Contents and Indexes are alien to them. So how do we prepare? One way to watch our kids do their homework and we learn from them. This session will take a look at why the print page based model we are all so used to is broken, and puts forward some ideas on how we should be thinking about information design for the digital generation.


Every company does five things, develop a product or service, tell people about it, sell it, collect money for it, and write about it. The first four activities are usually the responsibility of either a VP or CXO level executive, while the fifth is virtually ignored. This presentation will talk about how to identify, organize, manage and leverage a company’s biggest hidden asset — its content — at a strategic level.

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