Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Questions You Must Ask Before Implementing a Wiki #6

Ask yourself and your team the following questions before you start to implement a wiki, and be truthful with the answers.

Think about the issue you are trying to solve, and then see how a wiki might be applied, but remember don’t just focus on the positive, think about the potential down sides too.

6. Who will use the wiki in the future?
Of course one of the great things about wikis, and the central theme of this book, is that they foster growth and further collaboration. There are numerous examples of cross pollination of wikis inside organizations as one team sees the benefits that another gain from using a wiki. Before you start even the first wiki, spend some time thinking about areas of potential growth and possible future cross functional collaboration. Make sure you make plans for scalable growth and allow easy access for anyone who may need to contribute, or observe, not just on the initial projects, but on potential future ones as well.

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