Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Week in Wikis - Week 1

Welcome to a new feature on THE CONTENT POOL, "This Week in Wikis." - As I continue to work on my upcoming book "WIKI: Grow Your Own For Fun and Profit" I am reading and bookmarking numerous articles and online mentions of wikis, wiki tools and examples of wiki usage.

So I thought it might be useful each week to share a selection of wiki related articles I came across over the previous seven days.

Here's this week's selection:
- Wired's "How-To" Wiki
- CarbonCopyPRO Introduces New "Wiki" Marketing Platform,
- MobileRead Wiki on eBook technology
- Wiki on research for librarians
- Improved wiki usage in 2010
- How Non-Profits Are Using Wikis
- Wikipedia:Manual of Style

All the "This Week In Wikis" links will be archived, and available, at

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