Thursday, October 9, 2008

STC Proposals #1 - Move Over DITA, Chaos is Coming

Last week I submitted proposals for three papers for the 2009 STC Summit in Atlanta GA, and thought it might be fun to post the summaries here. Let me know if you'd be interested in hearing any of these and if so, what sort of questions you'd like answered or topics you would like me to cover.

#1 - Move Over DITA, Chaos is Coming

The Technical Publishing industry is on the edge of a paradigm shift and may not realize it.

As the digital generation enters the workforce they will bring new expectations with them that will challenge the way we write and deliver content.

This presentation will contrast the way we currently produce documentation and our expectations of user behavior with what we can expect our users to be asking for in the not too distant future.

In the world of social networks, online video, wikis, blogs and twitter is structured topic based authoring really the answer?

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Unknown said...

Hope to hear more about your train of thoughts here. Personally, I think that documentation without some kind of structure is useless and always will be. But it's going to be more multimedia-oriented, no doubt.